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Eagle G-code generator

It is perfect to have fast way to produce PCB. For those of us, who have CNC milling machine available, is to mill the „printed“ circuits one solution. It requires to have suitable milling machine with sufficient accuracy, working tool (HPTec V-groove cutter type 802.9 seems to be ideal for me, it is possible to buy at ) and of course the software, which can convert PCB design to G-code for CNC milling machine. As far as I know, one of the most widely used PCB design software especially among the enthusiasts is Eagle from . One of its feature is possibitity to create the user language program (ULP), which can be used for many purposes and one of them is to generate G-code.

Eagle G-code generator

Eagle G-code generator

When I tried to find already existing solution for this process, all of them had had some limitations. Only one of the ULPs seemed to me nearly perfect, and it was the solution created by Silviu Epure. I appreciate his work very much and I would like to thank him at this place. Silviu Epure agreed me to slightly modify his “gcode-1″ code. Updated ULP generates G-code with new features like as machine motion optimization, stop in case of diameter change, board contour tool size compensation and others. The file is possible to download at or here