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PIC disassembler

Once upon a time I lose data on my HDD. It was the situation, when I had formatted harddisc and missed letter of drive. Reason was very stupid. I didn’t reset computer after fdisc action. What’s a pitty. Because I try to save my data periodically, not too much new information stayed unsaved, but one of them was assembler code of actual design (it was MIDI controller, which I’m going to publicate soon).

In past, there wasn’t available MPASM, as complex tool with dissasembling feature and therefore I got the idea to programm disassembler. And it was a main reason for PIC16 class disassembler rise. After that, and because it was not too much to do, I adapted part of code for PIC18 class.

Bellow, You can find both, for PIC16 (PIC16F84 for example) and PIC18 (PIC18F452 for example), disassembling utilities:,