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Mikrokopter waypoints’ editor and transmitter for PDA

I have programmed Mikrokopter PDA waypoints’ editor and transmitter to MK (via the bluetooth) for Windows Mobile (6.5) finally. It is serious .NET 2.0 (dotnet) and .NET 3.5 application, therefore Microsoft .NET Compact Framework should be installed in the device.

Mikrokopter waypoints' editor

Mikrokopter waypoints' editor

Use of bluetooth connection with mikrokopter is possible – in the bluetooth settings add the COM port for BT device (I have tested it with BTM-222). The file “MKMapCfg.txt” has to be in the same folder as the application – it’s first line sets the name of COM port used by the application. In case of another name, please, edit it in the file. Picture (jpg file) of the map is equivalent to the map suitable for MK Tool (with coordinates incorporated). You can easily create and download it at

I would like to thank to ligi for his help and advices.

The both files (application and configuration) are zipped for downloading: MK_Map_20 (.NET 2.0), MK_Map_35 (.NET 3.5)