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Mikrokopter OSD … FC + MK3Mag version and new art horizon

I have decided to realize the project called “MIKROKOPTER” since September 2009. I have to appreciate the effort of designers. It’s simply perfect project ! I can recommend it for everybody, who likes RC helicopters, wants to start with them or would like to take some photos / record video from the sky ….

Mikrokopter OSD

Mikrokopter by jopl

Mikrokopter OSD PCB

Mikrokopter OSD camera & PCB

Mikrokopter OSD initialization

Mikrokopter OSD initialization

I have used the following components:

The weight is 944g without video transmitter and it’s antenna (as at the photos). I have chosen Ca$cAdE C-OSD project software for OSD. Thank you, Claas ! You can find the source code on mikrokopter’s SVN. But many functions in the FC mode weren’t available, although it can be. The art horizon is also simple, so I decided to slightly rebuilt the code. Of course, the characters’ set has to be changed to show this feature. I have to thank NuClear for tight colaboration on this issue. Here you can download the hex files for ATmega162: OSD hex files Fuses (ATmega 162): EXTENDED: 0xFB, HIGH: 0xD7, LOW: 0xEF And the result is here. Kindly see the video: Mikrokopter OSD test