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Microchip Bootloader Programmer compatible with AN851

The purpose of this design is to offer alternative solution to official PIC18F/PIC16F Quick Programmer (P1618QP) bootloader programmer, available as part of AN851 project on Microchip web pages.

Microchip Bootloader Programmer

In the beginning, there was an issue with original application window size (see below) ... status is not visible completely and some of settings are thus not easy to modify.

Microchip PIC18F/PIC16F Quick Programmer

The software uses original files' structure (i.e. SETTINGS.INI, PROGMEM.MCP, EEDATA.MCP, CONFIG.MCP, USERID.MCP, ERROR.MCP) for storing it's settings as well as data for write to or read from chip. Everything should be clear from one-form design of the execution program, written in Microsoft Visual Studio.

You can download the program and settings file here: