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ICL7107 Voltmeter Module

As the price of ICL7107 decreased dramatically through the time, I decided to use my stocks to build a modules with this integrated circuit for various purposes.

Therefore I designed the PCB, which is divided into two parts, but can be manufactured as one. The 2 parts are connected with right angle 25 pin header, which allows to situate LED display vertically, while the driver is horizontally oriented.

Or you can use wires for connection between boards.

The LED 7-segments digits are with standard 14.22 mm height, on first position it is possible to use "-1" modification (the jumpers in the back of display PCB are selfexplaining).

You can see the module schematics, layout and 3D simulation of PCB on the following pictures:

ICL7107 Voltmeter Module - Schematics

ICL7107 Voltmeter Module_ - Layout

ICL7107 Voltmeter Module PCB - Top

ICL7107 Voltmeter Module PCB - Bottom

And Gerber files are here: