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PPM headtracker with Arduino Pro Mini and 10DOF module

The code attached solves the connection of Arduino Pro Mini with 10DOF (10 Degrees Of Freedom) module, bought on ebay here.

The 10DOF module is populated with 3D gyroscope L3GD20, 3D accelerometer + 3D magnetometer LSM303D and altimeter BMP180 (barometric pressure / temperature). Therefore the module seems to be perfectly fitting for FPV (First-Person View) flying. The last sensor, altimeter, is not used in this design.

It is example of possible communication, written in Arduino 1.6.5 environment. The output of the design is PPM signal (last 2 from 8 channels mean elevation and azimuth), which can be used as student signal to RC transmitter.

Despite of the fact there are many videos showing this topic, it is very hard to find perfectly working code, prepared for compilation.

The pictures of design's outside and inside follow:

Final appearance - the outer box is commertially available plastic box KP49A (Z-69), bought here

Back view

Inside arrangement

All the components - there are 2 rounded washers visible, made from PCB (width approx. 1.5 mm) for right distance of main PCB from the box bottom

Milled main PCB with modules and other components populated


Top check picture

Bottom check picture

I would like to thank to Adafruit, Pololu (IMU routines and libraries) and Hasi (PPM output), who have inspired me with their pieces of code.

Arduino code and milling g-code link:

In case of other IMU module, don't forgot to modify software orientation of 3D sensors on the IMU pcb ;-).