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DC to 440 MHz detector with AD8310

During development of portable DC to approximately 60 MHz signal generator and wobbler (I am going to publicate this device later), I tried to find optimal solution for detecting RF signals. First, I tested simple design with germanium diode and operational amplifier. Although it seemed to be working, I wasn’t fully satisfied with result. After that I find out Analog Devices product, simple and very useful solution, integrated circuit AD8310.

AD8310 PCB bottom

AD8310 PCB top

I drew PCB for this IC (outline dimensions are very small for testing without it) to test detector. The result was excellent. Therefore, I decided to publicate this design. As You can see bellow, layout of PCB is very simple. It would be better to use double sided plate with one side of copper connected to GND, but I didn’t use this concept and built it on one side copper plated board. Following picture shows component layout:

AD8310 PCB layout

Design is based on described scheme in AD8310 datasheet. Components are in SMD 1206 size, on the top side are BNC connector (from old PC network card) and two 2-pins jumpers for connection of voltage and output (be sure, that the polarities are right connected !).

On the bottom side are SMD components. Question mark on one of the component is value of resistor, which allows input impedance setting.

The two next links allow You downloading of postscript files (with or without holes) and drill data of this PCB: