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Počasí Hradec Králové - Sluneč


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The aim of the article is to describe driver for 0816 feeders combined with negative pressure regulation

OpenPnP Feeders Driver PCB nearly finished

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The purpose of this design is to offer solution compatible with official SmoothieBoard for DIY SMT Pick&Place Machine.

OpenPnP Driver board

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The purpose of this design is to offer alternative to official PIC18F/PIC16F Quick Programmer (P1618QP) bootloader programmer, available as part of AN851 project on Microchip web pages.

Microchip Bootloader Programmer

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As the price of ICL7107 decreased dramatically through the time, I decided to use my stocks to build a modules for various purposes.

Therefore I designed the PCB, which is divided into two parts, but could be manufactured as one. The 2 parts are connected with right angle 25 pin header, which allows to use LED display vertically, while the driver is horizontally oriented.

Or you can use wires for connection between boards.

You can see ICL7107 Voltmeter Module PCB on the following pictures:

ICL7107 Voltmeter Module PCB - Top

ICL7107 Voltmeter Module PCB - Bottom

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I was looking for such scripts for long time, but with various results. Finally, I build following working scripts, which I am using for transfer files from PC to web server and back and for backup of various folders.

Script for setting permissions for web server without influencing *.sh files (scripts itself):

#! /bin/sh
sudo chmod 660 -R $(ls --ignore='*.sh')
sudo chown www-data:www-data -R $(ls --ignore='*.sh')

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