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The target of this design is to provide power supply and backup energy for Raspberry Pi. It was designed in the format of Raspberry Pi Zero to build stackable PCBs in the end.

You can see the PSU board above Raspberry Pi 3B+ in the following picture:

RPi PSU ver. 1.3

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As I am used to produce my PCBs by milling machine, sometime I had the issue with the non-circular holes, generated by KiCad software.

Usually after design is exported from KiCad to gerber file format, I use FlatCAM to generate g-code from gerber data. It is excellent program, except fact it is not able to generate data for non-circular holes.

Therefore I programmed a piece of code (in VisualStudio from Microsoft), which is able to generate such data and can help you to have your PCB as good as possible.

Excellon non-circular holes milling

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Some time ago my friend gave me the nostalgic thing, which I can remember from my childhood - ZX Spectrum PCB ISSUE TWO from 1982. It was just a PCB alone, therefore I had to solve keyboard. One variant of this issue solving is to use PS2 keyboard.

ZX Spectrum PS2 keyboard design

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It is approximately 2 years ago, when I was thinking about direct connection of USB musical keyboard with sound module equipped with standard MIDI IN connector. I tried to find any solution, but no one seemed to be perfect and robust. Finally, after 2 years, I found library of Yuuichi Akagawa. His perfect library definitively works and I produced beautiful USB2MIDI box.

USB to MIDI converter

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I published previously Arduino LiXXX battery monitor & altimeter + vario for JETI DUPLEX with Arduino Pro Mini and MS5611. It would be perfect to have all telemetry data and alarms available directly in the transmitter, i.e. without JETIBOX device. One of possible solution is to use radio with OpenTX firmware. Unfortunately, new radios with ARM processor (9XR Pro) don’t have JETI telemetry as the option in Companion software (ver. 2.2). But when you are looking for protocols available, FrSky D system is available in the menu.
I would like to present here my code for Arduino Pro Mini as the converter from JETI DUPLEX (non EX) protocol to FrSky D telemetry system.

Arduino JETI DUPLEX to FrSkyD protocol telemetry data converter

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I published already LiXXX accumulator monitor (PIC12F683 based LiXXX accumulator watchdog) and the similar project for JETI DUPLEX (PIC12F675 battery monitor for JETI DUPLEX).. All of the designs signalize voltage of three cells in LiPol / LiIon / LiFePo battery, either by buzzer beeping or by by values displayed on JETIBOX LCD and beeping through JETI Tx module.
Now I am introducing another option to have more complex data from RC model through the JETI DUPLEX 2.4GHz system.

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